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Question Frogcomposband mechanics questions

Picked up frog a couple months back, and have accrued a large number of questions I've been meaning to ask, so I'll just dump them here I apologize if the list gets really long or rambly. Thanks in advance!

1. Is there a formula to calculate the probability of a monster saving against a given spell based on the spell's `power` and the monster's level? I know that more power = better, but that's about it.

2. Similarly, how does player saving throw work internally? is it similar to V where you can get 100% resist, or is it based on the monster's spell `power` as well?

3. Is there any use for the various statues of enemies I find? I know figurines give pets, but haven't found a use for statues. I thought maybe they'd give you full monster memory of that monster somehow, but haven't been able to test it yet.

4. How much does slow monster slow the monster?

5. How does monster stunning work? Do they have increasing levels of severity like the player, or is it just duration based flat debuffs? And what kind of penalties exactly does stunning inflict on the monster? same as V?

6. For staves of confusing lights, do all the status effects have the same odds of being saved against, or are some easier than others? I've consistently gotten a power 160 or 200 staff to stun and terrify target creatures, but the slowing and stasis appears to happen much less, especially against tough enemies like archliches.

7. How do I deal with monsters using dispel magic on me? Do I ever get a saving throw, or is it just their way of saying 'ha ha you suck now'

8. How do vampiric weapons work, especially when they have other brands as well? Do I heal the full damage dealt from all blows, or just a portion?

That's all for now, I did try to hunt through the source code for answers to a few of these but it gets complicated really fast. I'd appreciate it if someone with a bit more experience with frog could help me. Thanks!
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