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Looking for endgame suggestions

My current character, Al 17, has come about as far as I think is possible equipment-wise. I could continue grinding for consumables and better equipment and I could continue to kill uniques. Experience from the latest game sessions tells me that killing all remaining uniques isn't the way to go. There is still enemies that I can't fight without wasting a ton of charges / consumables or getting some genuine RNG luck. Unmakers, great wyrms of power and Pandemonium are examples of such monsters. I have recently killed the Tarrasque, but surviving mostly on what few charges it left undrained. It might have been easier if I had carried potions/scrolls.

Anyway, I think it is time to plan for the endgame. If I was playing Angband I would just dive to DL99, kill Sauron and then go kill Morgoth. I have sufficient consumables, speed and damage for this. However, I don't know what to expect from PosChengband. I know the Serpent summons a lot, but apart from that I don't know what kind of damage to expect. And I have absolutely no idea what Oberon is about. Are they just renamed clones of Sauron / Morgoth? I guess Oberon has the ability to give @ a blood curse like the rest of the amberites.

So, any suggestions before I dive to DL99 would be welcome. Preferably without too many spoilers
  • Which resistances should I prioritize?
  • What about fear? Is 2x (3x with !Heroism) enough?
  • Are there any uniques I should attempt to kill before entering DL99 or DL100?
  • My Angband characters won with base speed <30 and <600 damage. Is this reasonable for PosChengband?

Here's what my character currently is capable of:
Resistances and such are shown in the latest Character dump. I have covered everything except time (but have Ring of the Ages at home).
I have the choice between ring of speed +9 or ring of combat (+8,+20) {A: Heroic Speed}. Or I could get addtional resistance vs DkNt. Or resist Time.
Stone Skin and Resistance are available through item activation.
  • =Combat gives base speed +21/+31 speed hasted. Damage 654, 756 vs evil, 857 vs demons.
  • =Speed gives base speed +30/+40 speed hasted. Damage 514, 616 vs evil, 710 vs demons.
  • =DkNt gives base speed +21/+31 speed hasted. Damage 514, 616 vs evil, 710 vs demons.
  • =Ages gives base speed +21/+31 speed hasted. Damage 514, 616 vs evil, 710 vs demons.

247 !Speed (three inventory slots)
 40 !Heroism
 37 !Resistance
 27 !Healing
 22 !*Healing*
  1 !Augmentation (restore stats?)
  1 !*Enlightenment* (restore stats?)

  5 ,Restoring

 18 ?Phase Door (shops currently don't have new supplies of this scroll, but I can rest a couple of days to restock)
158 ?Teleport (two inventory slots)
 22 ?Destruction
 15 ?Genocide
  8 ?Mass Genocide
  4 ?Banishment
  7 ?Recharging (I have plenty of wands, rods and staves to bring along as recharge sources)
I have a bunch of _Speed, _Cure Wounds, _Curing and _Holiness, but a lot of monsters drains charges, so they may not be useful except to initally clear an area of DL99 and possible DL100.
I have 2x _Healing. 4+8 charges at 39%/85% with "[MSM or 2%/40% with "Md+3.

I have tried to gamble for potions and staves, but nothing useful came from that.
I have a vague idea what reforging is about, but don't really know what to expect when doing it. If it is useful I should have the money to do it. Asking about my fame I get "The bards doth sing of ye: Heroic ballads both far 'n wide!" from the innkeeper.
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