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Sil: YASD, Noogie the Naugrim

Unremarkable death but for the great start this guy had. He was cruising around 500' with min depth of 400' and had already found the following:

(-2, 3d5) battle axe, found at 100'
Artifact armor that grants Exchange Places, used as swap
Staff of treasures with plenty of charges, recharged with Staff of Recharging
Feanorian Lamp

He had opportunism, Loremaster and 10 melee and evasion. If only I would have played smarter, but I got cocky and went toe to toe with that unique freeze-attack Giant. He took me from 20 something to -1 hp in one hit.

Hurts to get past the orc parts and then die so stupidly. I shan't make that mistake again!
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You were fighting Gilim, who hits *really hard* when it connects. Your best bet is do distance fighting with only Bow + Poisoned arrows and/or thrown weapons With an Evasion that low (10) Gilim (and Nan) are *way too dangerous* to fight hand-to-hand. You need an Evasion of about 15 to fight Gilim and a little higher to fight Nan.
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If 10 means your actual attack and evasion (not the points in the skill without modifiers) it is really too low for the depth if you want to engage in melee - actually right now a char of mine with naugrim, 14, 14, while wielding axe and 5-15 armor had to run from Gilim. (Although I charged him later while sleeping and he went down in a few rounds.)

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One of his descendants just made it to the throne room, but didn't have much in the way of consumables.... died there. I kept hitting Morgoth but his crown never fell off, so I was pretty much stuck. I was a melee character, not too different from my elven winner, who knocked the crown off almost immediately. But this guy couldn't do it. Shrug. Did learn that picking something up activates the throne room though. I thought it only activated if you attacked.
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