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Originally Posted by taptap View Post
Your net gain from this complicated forging operation isn't necessarily any better than a "common" artistry build (with less skill requirement? I remember armour on a crown is quite difficult) that makes an improved leather armour (or studded leather) and a good helm [+0, 1d3]. The additional evasion really helps for a dwarf at start. I made my dwarves with 3/2/5/2 - additional strength and dexterity helps as well - although I had no ambition to make a mastersmith and you apparently worried about efficient forge use. (Making early armour last long?)
Yep, definitely less skill requirement for the "common" artistry start. But I like the 13 smithing to start because it's thematic of a master smith and it allows for either +2 rings of accuracy or the 3d5 5lb battle axe.

Given the choice, I prefer a [-2, 2d4] corslet to a [+0, 1d5] leather armor, just for survivability. I also prefer the [+1, 1d1] crown to the [+0, 1d3] helm, but that has also to do with the crown's imperviousness to acid. The crown and the corslet take 13 and 12 smithing respectively.
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My current favourite idea is the fencer build (0 STR, no stealth melee) which needs smithing and goes for subtlety and rapid attack on a less than 1 lb weapon later. This requires smithing (as you can't find shortswords below 1 lb, but can make them). Oddly enough the first thing to smith for this build turns out to be a glaive, almost the only weapon that gives enough damage output pre-subtlety for a low strength character.
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I'm really enjoying this norgrod 3/1/5/3 smithing build. I take 3 melee and 2 evasion and 8 smithing at the start and build a 3d5 5lb battle axe at the first forge, along with a good corslet and kite shield. That generally gives enough survivability till the second forge, where I'll usually take Jeweler and make 2 +2 accuracy rings and a haunted dreams amulet.

Probably not a hugely powerful build but I think high protection is fun, and with a good battle axe and Power and high strength, you can still do enough damage to cut through pretty much any armor, even wielding the axe one-handed. One benefit of high protection is that it doubles as high resistance to gorcrow or dragonfly attacks. They have to do at least 1 point of damage to affect you with the debuff, and they're virtually never able to.

I really don't know about whirlwind attack though. The legitimate uses for it seem few and far between. It's fun to stand in the middle of a room thwacking everybody around you, but even if you already have Whirwind attack (say through a fury weapon), it's rarely the survivable thing to do.
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