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Fun damage, but boy those earthquakes are annoying. Anybody actually ever use this thing for long term playing? (Granted, most people retire after getting it but I know some like to keep playing.)
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After my first win I went down to dl127 to say I did. Funny thing is I was so cavalier I almost got killed on multiple occasions.

Yeah, I swung Grond a few times to say I did. Clearing my first troll pit (don't ask me why, old habits die hard I guess) I realized the tedium from earthquake effect was didn't make up for the increased damage. Also aggravating is -1.
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It is fun, but annoying. The earthquake allowed me to clear an graveyard at dl 110 though without stopping and only using vilya and maybe elfstone to heal. THe earthquakes killed LOS so the reavers all couldn't manastorm me at once
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I used it with this char. With 5 blows/round it rocks. I killed Ancalagon in 5-6 turns with healing. (I scummed for The One at dlvl 127 with Alter Reality and Clairvoyance. Nothing.)

Earthquakes are very useful in breaking LoS. I think one doesn't care about destroyable objects with Grond, only artifacts. What I find annoying is tunneling in destroyed areas and when half-dead DROP_GOOD monster is embedded in the rock.

I think earthquakes can be mitigated by giving ability to bore through walls. Without tunneling, just walk into the wall and destrory it in 1 turn. Ok, 2-3 for granite. Morgoth can do it, we want it too :-)

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Grond is absurdly fantastic at killing things, especially since you'll de facto have the Crown to max out your blows for you. Given that, a little thematic dungeon damage isn't too much a price to pay.
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