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Originally Posted by Arralen View Post
Hmmmm ... and what about teleporting from the snowy trails of Caradhras directly into the sunken city of Numenor ... don't tell me this is because of the "ease of travel"

The maps are made from the wood pulp used to construct stairs in all the dungeons. As a part of the pulping process the magic that prevents monsters moving up and down stairs gets modified to allow you to teleport from the borders of almost any wilderness area.

Btw., IMHO it should be either "sunken cities of Numenor", or "the sunken city of Armenelos", as there where at least 5 cities on the island of Numenor (Andúnië, Ondosto, Armenelos, Rómenna, Eldalondë and maybe Nindamos, the biggest settlement on the south coast)
Thanks - we're going with cities...

Typo ?!
"The spectral anaconda ... An enormous serpent, floating in the air and bounding off the dungeon walls"
I never heard the word "bounding" used that way, but then, I am not a native speaker ...
Stolen from Sangband, and given Leon's mastery of English, I'm sure it is correct.

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