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Pete Mack
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Unfortunately not a Ranger, and not so unfortunately I already have Belthronding. But:
Longbow of Lothlorien (x5) (+21,+21) <+2,+4>
+4 to dexterity
+2 shooting power
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire
Grants telepathy. Prevents paralysis

Hard to beat that...
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l) a Pair of Iron Shod Boots of Elvenkind [4,+6] <+4, +9>
Found lying on the floor of a cavern at 1500 feet (level 30)

+4 stealth.
+9 speed.
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
Feather Falling.

These replaced boots of free action, my only source at the time. I squelched FA boots and played without FA till I found a ring a few levels later.
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