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Either stealth sucks in Sangband, or I suck at stealth - I was never able to pick and choose my fights.

Part of the trouble is that most things that kill monsters also make noise.

It was mostly scrolls of recharging that fueled me in the time before I started collecting attack rods. (And after I did - but before it too.) Burglary (traps) as an attack method helped a little, but they are just *so bad* that they weren't worth it outside of a certain window even for a character like this. I mostly killed monsters with Burglary to meet the "minimum kills to raise skill unpenalized" requirement. Towards the end, I said to hell with even that. It's just an XP cost, and I had ridiculous gobs left over from my scumming for chunks in hopes of forging one last best armor piece at the end.

By the way, store behavior and item drop timings are quite different in Sangband from Angband. Maybe more so compared to modern Angband (which I started playing obsessively soon after my win...). Even though camlost made no-sell default in one of the last betas (hurrah!), shops still sell "99" of many things, and quite a lot of others. So unless the store has a string of bad days or you're (even more) bad at managing the Home (than me) and "can't" spare a home slot for Recharging, these scrolls a decent engine once you have the money and kill-generating wands to feed (come a tiny bit earlier than the rod engine takes off).

As fo the item drop timings bit - wands of teleport other come very late (in Angband I've regularly been seeing them by D40), and the rods are even later and really rare unless you shop-cycle-scum more heavily than me.
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