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General Impressions of the 3.1.0 beta

I just finished a game as a Dunadan paladin, so thought I post my personal impressions. I realize I'm pretty far behind that curve with posting such opinions, but hey, us slow players deserve a voice too :-).

I found the game plays quite well, and the change in object generation seems to be a considerable improvement. Even playing relatively conservatively, I was able to finish in less than 2M turns (something I've never done before), and yet the game did not feel significantly easier to beat, just faster.

I agree with other posters that I'd like to see +stat potions be more available. I killed off a couple of mage characters in the same way: I'd get to dlvl in the 30's, and hang out there for a million turns or so trying to get +Con potions without a whole lot of success, eventually deciding to dive deeper even though I had less than 300HP, and then being killed around dlvl 50 by some nasty with a 1 hit kill attack. Another option might be to make the +stat (or even just +con) potions more available in the black market, but charge more (a lot more) for them; like 100 - 200K each. In addition to giving you something useful to do with your money, it would provide a slow but steady path for stat gains where the player could see progress and so not become discouraged.

On the other hand, I think that artifacts should be *less* common at the deeper levels than they currently are. Up through level 40 or 50, it sems ok, but after that I feel like I'm finding too many artifacts (more than I find +stat potions for example). Perhaps apply_magic could be tweaked to cap good_chance and/or great_chance, or have them increase logarithmicly or something.

The increased number of differnt kinds of boots and cloaks is nice: it allows for an easy way for boots of speed and cloaks of Aman to become more common (simply by having more boots and cloaks be generated as objects) without going overboard.

I'd like to see ego lanterns with resist(s). This would help those of us that like birth_no_artifacts. Similarly, a "Lantern of the Dwarves" object that provided, say, +2Con would be useful for running a birth_no_artifacts mage, since only few non-artifact items have +Con bonuses, and a mage needs a lot of +Con if they expect to survive.
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Pete Mack
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Your assessment of the current stat potion and artifact distribution agrees with the general consensus on this issue. With regards to Boots of Speed, most people (including myself) think they are a bit too common in 3.1.x.

I agree about ego lanterns, though I'm not sure about +CON in that slot. It's a bit too powerful, IMO.
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