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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
I attempted this, by splitting monster AC into an 'absorption' and an 'evasion'. However, it didn't quite work that well for various reasons. That being said, Magnate maintains interest in this, and it may get tried again.
What kinds of problems did you encounter with it?
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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
I'll address two of the questions.

1 - level feelings. I am not sure it's worth the extra clutter on the screen. I figured that if people cared about the level feelings they'd CTRL-F for them. There might be a way to make this more obvious to new players. Right now, you're not in the habit of asking for the feeling, but you will be after a couple play throughs, I promise.

2 - monsters and rubble. Right now rubble is a good way for a character to leave areas of the dungeon blocked off so monsters can get to them. However, I'd rather that be an active action done by jamming doors, earthquakes, and the non-existant wizard-lock spell. I'd be in favor of allowing some monsters to pass rubble (birds) some to be completely stopped by it (hounds) some that can dig through it (people) and some that can remove it in a single turn (dragons).

As for rubble in the middle of the room. I think we should actually add statues randomly in the dungeon. Statues can have treasure on them that you can search for. Golems should be statue mimics that have a chance of awakening when @ is next to them. This is way off in left-field though.
[1] I always CTRL-F for them, but it is too easy to miss the second feeling on the screen. If you missed it already, you probably don't know when the second one hits to get you the full CTRL-F.

[2] Cool idea.
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Originally Posted by Therem Harth View Post
I think that ought to depend on the weapon used. Maybe lighter weapons, particularly pointy ones, should have a tendency not to wake nearby monsters... Especially when used by a rogue.

That being said, V is weighted far too much in favor of light weapons already, IMHO. Perhaps monster AC should be taken into account, with heavier weapons being better at piercing heavier armor. Or something like that... I mean, using a whip against an ancient dragon should really get you nowhere fast.

Edit: as for statue-mimicking golems... That sounds awesome, actually.
Guess you don't think the orc is screaming in pain as you walk away?
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