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[PosChengband 3.3.4] How many weapon proficencies can I max out?

I am play a paladin who has focused on longswords and broadswords thus far, but just found a really cool cutlass. See dump at:

My question is how many weapon proficiencies can I increase to master by level 50? Also, how exactly do weapon proficiencies affect wielded weapons? I know that they influence +to hit and +to dam, but I would like specifics.

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I can give you a broad answer (Chris knows the details): you can max out as many weapon proficiencies as you want. You gain proficiency by fighting monsters, and it's not directly connected with experience points. Whatever weapon you're wielding, you'll get better accuracy the more monsters you fight, no matter what level you are, and no matter what other proficiencies you have.

Note that the different classes have skill caps on different weapons. Not every class can achieve Master level in every weapon.

I don't worry too much about skills. They increase naturally. I only worry about it if I have recently switched weapons and I'm about to fight a monster while I still have low skill. Then I might switch to a more comfortable weapon if I can afford to.

Edit: I might have said wrong stuff. Chris, help us
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Sounds about right. I actually never concern myself about my weaponskill except at the start with a non melee class who has to use melee, in that case your accuracy will below 0, some !oHeroism ?oBlessing might be useful. A Paladin has some great melee fighting abilities and will keep hitting monsters with a low skill weapon.

And as Djanabete said, you can skill max as many weapons as you want. But you might not be able to Master everything. But getting "Skilled" is already a nice bonus.
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I don't recommend relying too much on spoilers for another variant, but these should still be accurate. Scroll down to the bottom for various weapon skill caps.

You gain weapon skills whenever you attack a monster, not whenever you hit a monster. Remember, practice makes perfect and you learn from your mistakes Also, there are caps on skill gain, so fighting weak monsters stops being a learning experience and you need to move on to more powerful foes. I can spoil if you like. Dual wielding is similar.
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