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Busy level!

Took rather long to clear this level, but it was worth it.

Elfstone of Dalarn <+2, +3, +1>
Dropped by Bullroarer the Hobbit at 1400 feet (level 28)

+2 intelligence.
+3 wisdom.
+1 dexterity.
Provides resistance to Sound.
Sustains dexterity.

Jewel of Nienya [+29] <+4, +1>
Dropped by Bullroarer the Hobbit at 1400 feet (level 28)

+4 strength.
+1 infravision.
+1 light.

Provides resistance to Acid, Lightning, Cold, Dark.
Provides protection from fear.

Broad Sword 'Annarosse' (2d5) (+10,+22)
Taken from a chest found at 1400 feet (level 28)

Slays undead, giants, orcs, evil creatures.
Grants the ability to see invisible things.

Book of Magic Spells [Arcane Control]
Dropped by Sangahyando of Umbar at 1400 feet (level 28)

(Yes, playing a mage)

Phial of Reith <+3>
Dropped by Boldor, King of the Yeeks at 1400 feet (level 28)

+3 light
Provides resistance to Lightning, Sound.
Grants the ability to see invisible things.

When activated, it lights up the surrounding area, hurting light-sensitive creatures.
Takes 11 to 20 turns to recharge.

Wicker Shield of Talach [2,+21] <+1, +2>
Dropped by Ibun, Son of Mim at 1400 feet (level 28)

+1 constitution
+2 infravision
Provides resistance to Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Sound, Disenchantment
Prevents paralysis

Leather Shield of Elvenkind [8,+14] <+2>
Dropped by Mim, Betrayer of Turin at 1400 feet (level 28)

+2 stealth.
Provides resistance to Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Sound, Chaos.

Also defeated Orfax, Angamaite, Khim and Beorn on this level.
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