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Originally Posted by Timo Pietilš View Post
That xbow can actually hit the target two grids further away than monster can cast spells
That seems broken. At the very least, your to-hit penalty should be incredibly large at that distance.
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Tiburon Silverflame
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If you've got a relatively low chance to hit, then you just use lesser ammo, and conserve your best stuff a bit. You'll still get some decent damage in, before it can start causing you problems.

Timo: ok, didn't think about that. But as counterpoint, the point above about ammo selection, comes into play. We don't very often get large quantities of Holy Might/Slay Evil ammo, so we tend to be at least a bit conservative with it...up until Morgoth, of course. The one downside is, the sling will burn through ammo at twice the rate of Umbar.

2 more points:

1. High-end bolts are more common than high-end shot. There are 2 high-end bolts (seeker and mithral) and only 1 high-end shot (mithral). Mithral bolts and shot are both A:25; seeker bolts are A:50.

2. The best shot is a base 2d4; the best bolt is 4d5. That's 5 versus 12. Granted, this may be offset by the shooter's enhancement bonus; Umbar's fixed, the sling can be as you noted. Conversely, while the enhancement bonus on any given ammo batch is going to have the some probability of being good...the fact that you get more bolts suggests you'll *tend* to have a slightly higher damage bonus on the bolts. x16 is basically 15% higher than x14. 2d4+32 gives an average of 36, so +15% means about 41 damage from the bolt...which is 4d5+29.
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Originally Posted by Tiburon Silverflame View Post
The one downside is, the sling will burn through ammo at twice the rate of Umbar.
That's irrelevant. They use *different* ammo. You keep your best launcher of each type, and switch between them each trip based on the ammo you plan to use up that trip.

In the old days, it was often right to keep an x5 launcher with high plusses over an extra shot launcher using the same ammo, but with the change to additive brands even that does not make sense any more. Plus shots rules now.
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