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More importantly, why are you bumping? Several people have mentioned good, free windows C IDEs.

Are you looking for more suggestions? comparisons? particular feature(s)?
Are you looking for additional instructions for one of these?
Have you tested any to see if they'll suit your needs?

For the most part, once an IDE is working, they all work pretty similarly, and have similar feature sets, at least in my experience.
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Here is a Q&D on how to get MS Visual Studio2008 to run angband and the borg. I hope I didn't miss anysteps.


Creating a VS2008 Project using the borg and the official release.
1. Download the game source code
2. Download the borg source then unzip it into the \src directory.
3. Create a new project using VS2008
4. Exclude from the project the directories gtk, nds, osx. And the "main-???" files except main-win.c
5. Project -> Angband Properties -> Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Code Generation -> Run Time Library -> /MT
6. Project -> Angband Properties -> Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies -> winmm.lib
7. Project -> Angband Properties -> Configuration Properties -> General -> Common Language Runtime Support -> No CLR
8. Edit config.h line 100. Remove the comments to #define ALLOW_BORG
9. Rename player\util.c to player\p-util.c
10. Remove the "main" entry point from Project -> Angband Properties -> Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Advanced -> Entry Point
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Originally Posted by ekolis View Post
What are you bumping for, Antoine? It's only 2 days!

But anyway, if you want me to put together a VC++ project file for the latest Angband version, sure, I can do that... it might get out of sync though if none of the regular devs use VC++...

And how are you doing, anyway? I really enjoyed Ironband; any plans on continuing development?

Nice of you to ask yes I'm doing well and I thought I might do a bit of light Iron/Quick development.

I think my next step will be to download a Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition (but which? 2008 or 2010) and try to build a recent version of NPP. I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who has successfully done that. (I see APWhite has just posted instructions for building Vanilla on VS 2008, so I should read that for a start.)

If I can't get that working I'll try one of the other suggestions made further up the thread.

Thanks & cheers
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If you don't want to mess with renaming files (say, if you're trying to sync with whatever version control system Angband uses these days), you can also set an option in the properties for player/util.c to produce a different .obj file, say, p-util.obj, without renaming player/util.c to player/p-util.c. Can't remember the exact name of the option but it's something like "output file override" or somesuch

There really ought to be some sort of global option though, which would set that sort of thing automatically... or even just put the obj files in the proper folder to begin with :P
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