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Smithing Catalog


I've been playing Sil for a week or so now, and I'd like to try a smithing character. I've read several posts here on the forum that mention numerous items, and I've browsed through the ladder to look at winners also.

However, I would find it super useful if some folks could post their favorite recipes here in this thread so we could have them in a single place. If enough items are posted, I will put them into a standard format and list them here in this top post.

To get us started, here are some of the good recipes I've seen so far.

- Each item requires D*10 turns to craft
- Each item requires 1 forge use to craft unless it is an Artifact ("Atf"), in which case it requires 3 forge uses

Boots of Speed [+0,1d1], D:9, ArmEnc, 500xp
Boots [+1,1d2], D:10, ArmArt
Boots [+0,1d1] (Speed), D:36, ArmAtf, 5con (perma-speed, not Sprint skill)

Round Shield of Deflection [+1,1d3] (4lbs), D:8, Arm
Round Shield [+1,1d4], D:10, ArmArt
Round Shield of Deflection [+2,1d3], D:12, ArmEnc ([+3] for D:19)
Kite Shield (-1) [+1,1d6], D:13, ArmArt
Kite Shield of Deflection (-2) [+2,1d6], D:14, ArmEnc

Ring of Protection [+0,1d2], D:18, Jwl
Ring of Accuracy (+1), D:6, Jwl
Ring of Accuracy (+2), D:13, Jwl
Ring of Accuracy (+3), D:21, Jwl
Ring of Accuracy (+4), D:31, Jwl
Ring of Evasion [+1], D:6, Jwl
Ring of Evasion [+2], D:13, Jwl
Ring of Evasion [+3], D:21, Jwl
Ring of Evasion [+4], D:31, Jwl

Gauntlets [+0, 1d1], D:7, ArmArt
Gauntlets (-1) [+1,1d2],   D:12, ArmArt
Gauntlets [+0,1d2], D:12, ArmArt
Gauntlets [+1,1d1], D:13, ArmArt
Mithril Gauntlets of Strength [+0,1d1] <+1>, ArmEnc, 15m, 1str ([+1] for D:22, +Artistry)
Gloves (+3 archery, Rapid Fire), D:28, ArmAtf, 800xp

Crown of Brilliance, D:8, ArmEnc, 1gra
Crown (Lore-master), D:8, ArmAtf, 500xp
Crown of Command, D:10, ArmEnc, 500xp
Crown of Grace <+1>, D:12, Jwl, 1gra
Crown [+1,1d1], D:13, ArmArt
Crown (Lore-master, Song of Freedom), D:14, ArmAtf, 1000xp

Helm of Brilliance [-1,1d2], D:9, ArmEnc, 1gra
Helm [+0,1d3], D:10, ArmArt
Dwarf Mask of True Sight [-2,1d2], D:22, ArmEnc

Mail Corslet (-2) [-3,2d4] (17lbs), D:7, Arm (equivalent to Mail Corslet +1 Sealth)
Leather Armor [0,1d5], D:9, ArmArt
Leather Armor of Protection [-1,1d5] (4.5lbs), D:9, ArmEnc
Studded Leather [-1,1d7], D:10, ArmArt
Mail Corslet [-2,2d4], D:12, ArmArt
Studded Leather of Resilience [-2,1d6], D:13, ArmEnc, 1con
Mithril Corslet [-2,2d4] (7.5lbs), D:13, Arm, 75m
Robe <+2> (any two skills), D:16, ArmAtf, 400xp
Robe (Speed), D:25, ArmAtf, 5con (perma-speed, not Sprint skill; can add "Danger" curse for D:21)

Lesser Jewel of Brightness, D:10, JwlEnc, 1gra
Lesser Jewel of Grace <+1>, D:15, JwlEnc, 1gra
Feanorian Lamp of Brightness, D:16, JwlEnc, 10m, 1gra
Feanorian Lamp (Brightness, ResFear), D:20, JwlAtf, 10m, 1gra
Feanorian Lamp of Grace, D:21, JwlAtf, 10m, 1gra
Feanorian Lamp of True Sight, D:27, JwlEnc, 10m

Longbow of Radiance (+0,2d5), D:9, WepEnc, 1gra
Battle Axe (-3,3d5) (5.0lbs), D:13, WepArt
Longbow of Nargothrond (+0,2d5), D:15, WepEnc (2d6 is D:25, +Artistry)
Mattock of Belegost (-5,5d2) <+3>, D15, WepEnc, 1str
Mithril Longsword (+1,2d5) (Light, Slay Undead), D:16, WepAtf, 20m, 1gra
Shortsword (+0,1d7) (Sharp, 1.0lbs), D:26, WepAtf, 2str

Cloak [+2], D:7, ArmArt
Cloak of Stealth [+1] <+1> (1.5lbs), D:9, ArmEnc, 100xp
Cloak of Protection [+1,1d1], D:12, ArmEnc
Cloak [+1] (+1 grace and song), D:20, ArmAtf, 100xp, 1gra
Shadow Cloak [+5] <+0>, D:20, ArmArtAtf (Create as Artifact and add "Stealth" skill, then reduce skill bonus to 0; add Light for D:30, 1gra)
Shadow Cloak [+3] <+2> (Light), D:27, ArmAtf, 1gra, 200xp

Horn of Terror, D:7, Jwl, 1gra

Amulet of Grace <+1>, D:15, Jwl, 2gra

Smithing Gear:
Set A:
War Hammer (-2,4d1) <+1> (Smithing, Armorsmith), D:12, WepAtf, 600xp
Gloves (Jeweler, Masterpiece), D:19, ArmAtf, 1000xp
Set B:
Gloves (Jeweler, Weaponsmith), D:15, ArmAtf, 1000xp
War Hammer (-2,4d1) <+2> (Smithing, Masterpiece), D:20, WepAtf, 700xp
War Hammer (-2,4d1) <+4> (Smithing), D:24, WepAtf, 400xp
Gloves of the Forge <+2>, D:10, ArmEnc, 200xp
Gloves of the Forge <+3>, D:18, ArmEnc, 300xp

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