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Writer needs Coder

Let me introduce myself first.
I am a (new) biotechnology student who is fascinated by ASCII graphics.Before roguelikes,I played alot of fantasy games,like the elder scrolls series and the gothic series,but as my age has increased,the interest of gaming altogether has faded.Except,of course,the interest in roguelikes.I have played DCSS,Poschengband,FAAngband,ADOM,and dwarf fortress.Two of them I managed to win.I loved the spell system and the beautiful balance of dungeon crawl,and the endless dungeons of the Angband variants.The seemingly endless monster unique list of poschengband was awesome too.Well,I could go on,but lets stick to the subject matter :-).

I had reached a point where I wanted to make a new Angband Variant,or a Frankenstein from the codes of Crawl and Angband together.I spent a couple of days learning C++,making good progress,but after some time I realized that no matter how fast I learn it,I can't reach a high enough proficiency level in Coding(In the time span I have) to realize my ideas.I started then to write down my ideas regarding a roguelike,both because as a means to not forget them,and also to show them in a roguelike website,with the hope of catching the attention of a coder who likes my ideas.

So,that was the introduction and explanation part :-).I hope you take time reading it.I wrote it in a format so as to adress the reader
Its too big to paste here

Please make sure you have time to read it,because it takes atleast 20 minutes,for a fast reader.

If you want to give it a shot,send me an email (,or a private message.Have a nice day!

PS:It would be easier on the eye if you copied it into a txt file and activated word wrap,i forgot to do that @_@.

PS*:I also did the same thread in the temple of the roguelike forum,so as to increase the chance of somebody seeing this!
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