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Debian/Ubuntu packages for 3.5.1

Please don't get too excited - they have NOT been uploaded to the official archives yet.

But they are built and ready for testing:

Yes you need both of them. If you're installing manually with dpkg you need to install angband-data first, then angband.

Things to look for when testing:

1. Does it work? With each of -mgcu, -mx11 and -msdl?

2. Is the version number correct? (shift-v)

3. Does the system-wide score file work again (i.e. characters from multiple UIDs)?

4. Is there any cruft left from previous versions which you expect to have been removed?

5. Are there menu entries and icons in your platform's window manager's menu system?

6. Are the various readme, changelogs, thanks, copyright, manual and other docs where you expect to find them?

7. Do subwindows behave properly?

8. Do all the tilesets work EXCEPT Shockbolt's? (Sorry, but due to Shockbolt's choice of licence his tiles have to be packaged separately and they aren't ready yet - I'm working on it.)

9. Are there any typos or other errors anywhere? (I already know about the wrong date in the news file - I'll fix that one.)

Please report any bugs in these packages - with full error output as an attachment please - in THIS thread, not in any other threads or on the bug tracker. Reports of bug-free experience also welcome!

Please note that the sounds have been removed from these packages - as with Shockbolt, dubtrain chose a non-DFSG licence so these are available separately if you want to try them:

Very many thanks in advance to anyone who tests these packages and reports back.
"3.4 is much better than 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3. It still is easier than 3.0.9, but it is more convenient to play without being ridiculously easy, so it is my new favorite of the versions." - Timo Pietila
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