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Timo Pietilš
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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
Magi is underpowered (like devotion). The only time I've ever used it is for rconf. I'd rather have it stay as rconf.

I think Timo's reasoning was that rconf was going to be removed and he wanted something else on Magi?
Actually I think confusion resistance is easy to get from multitude of sources (almost all major bodyarmors have it), but blindness resistance is almost exclusively helmet property, in particular Thranduil, which means everyone pretty much have to use Thranduil, even if there would be better headgear available (like Dor-Lomin). Giving blindness resist from something else which mages would use (magi gives INT bonus) allows them to use other headgear. And also allows others use other headgear.

IOW I see rBlind as improvement, not the other way around. (Dwarfs are powerful as they are without rConf from magi)
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