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Therem Harth
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How about some truly annoying ones!

- Weapon of Intervention: whenever you land a blow on a monster that should kill it, there is a 1/2 chance that the blow will miss with the message, "An invisible hand slaps your weapon away!" after which you will immediately be teleported.

- Hard Armor of Slapstick: every blow you land in melee has a 1/5 chance of causing you to lose your balance and fall over, losing you 70 energy points and potentially stunning you (1/3 chance).

- Handgear of Fickle Aim: Every attempt to hit a monster has a 1/4 chance of going in the wrong direction. If there is another monster adjacent to you, your blow may hit it instead; otherwise you will just get a message to the effect that you missed.

And finally...

- Food of Heaviness: 10d10 turns after eating it, you will suddenly feel gorged, resulting in the usual speed reduction. Oops.
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What about a few of the curses from Diablo 2?

Blood mana: casting spells reduces your HP instead of your MP (probably also increasing spell costs)
Iron maiden: when you attack, you take damage proportionate to the damage you deal
Amplify damage: damage you take is increased
Decrepify: attack speed is reduced (actually, speed of everything is reduced, but that'd just be a Slow effect in Angband, so this is more interesting)
Conviction: effect of resistances is reduced
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