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My highest Ring of Speed yet

So, I am roaming around after killing Morgoth. Thanks in part to my long scumming period hoping to find certain artifacts I have never seen before (and PDSM, which I have yet to see either), I have a lot of good equipment (One Ring, Colluin, Belthronding, and I am carrying a couple of other Rings of Power to wear for looks when I return to shallower levels). One of my best is a Ring of Speed +18, which Measse dropped on Level 94. I didn't really expect to find a faster one, but I just opened a chest, with little space and stacking turned off, and it just yielded a Ring of Speed +20. I expect it isn't exactly an incredible find for someone who [I]will[I] keep wandering around Levels 125-127, but it's still a first for me.
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Pete Mack
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Beyond RoSpeed <+10>, it is entirely luck. The basic speed ring is 2+M8, which has a minimum speed of 3 and maximum of 10, with higher numbers much more likely deep in the dungeon. Once you do this, there is a series of coin flips, with each successive "heads" adding one to the speed. So +20 is around 1 in 1024 once you are down that deep.
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My +12 Speed ring dropped by a unique around DL30 gave me a huge advantage during the midgame. As I've taken care of CON bonuses through armor, I'm still using the +12 Speed ring together with a +10 Speed as I descend to Dungeon Level 100.
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