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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
Feature request: remove levels 21-40. That is, when the player goes upstairs from the Morgoth's room, the game displays this text:
Up through the dark and echoing gloom	
as ghosts from many-tunnelled tomb,	
up from the mountains' roots profound	
and the vast menace underground,	
his limbs aquake with deadly fear,
terror in eyes, and dread in ear,	
together fled he, by the beat	
affrighted of his flying feet.
...and teleports the player to the final level (with Carcharoth & co), just like in Tolkien's poem.
After getting silmarils the most interesting part of the game (and story) is over; extending it is just tedium. Yes, it makes the game more difficult, but in an unfun way. E.g., by that time your character's development is over, so it's time for the game to be over as well. Also, the ascention promotes grinding (staves of revelations, exp. for exchange places, etc), which seems antithetical to the goals of Sil.
I know that mpa-sil makes all upstairs on the ascent work as upshafts, but that's not even a half measure (more like 10% measure). And it's bizarre and "gamey". So I'd sugget to just remove the whole ascent thing, except for Carcharoth level, which is very cool.
Since this is likely a popular request: The ascent is only boring when you 1) routinely kill Morgoth so lack the tension of Morgoth on your heels 2) done it many times already (+ 3) don't die on the ascent). This is not the case for many players. It also removes an option to only grab a Sil in the throne room and have a go at Morgoth later. (An option for some archers not equipped to take on V in his lair.) The ascent is only a fraction of playing time, imo streamlining it away suits certain builds, but does little for variety and misses the main point. Like in mountaineering, reaching the peak isn't the most important thing, coming back safely is. At least for me the most memorable playthrough is one where I died at 50' (in the Beren competition), that came pretty close to the literary original even lost Angrist in the throne room.
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