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Pete Mack
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The right thing to do with Whispering Shadows is run like hell if they get away from you and Keen Senses+Inner Light isn't enough. A Feanorian lamp or 3 if you find some Mithril is very much worthwhile too.
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Something that's not immediately obvious with a smith is that you can make a +0 grace version of the amulet of blessed realms for 11 pts. The 2 grace seems expensive but lembas restores it & light is a big deal, you want as much as you can get.
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Originally Posted by Philip View Post
I prefer to go for Lorekeeper rather than Curse Breaking...Curse Breaking is pretty expensive for no particular gain.

Since from Will I already take Inner Light, Hardiness, Critical Resistance, Poison Resistance (most of these are non-negotiable) and Constitution if I can get it
Ah, yea. I just meant, I like to pump a little will so I only have to spend 500 XP if I wield ID something that is cursed and don't have the remove curse staff (sanctity I think?) or I find myself low on food. For emergencies basically.

I never got too far into the will tree, but those look good. I actually grab lorekeeper and loremaster quite frequently. ID game's just too much of a pain. The XP from IDing my inventory pays for itself, and I don't have to risk wasting useful consumables with no gain or eating an herb of hallucination or something.

@Patashu Yea, I'll try to invest in song then. Mostly I've been playing archers, various styles of melee/evasion builds, and smithing builds. Will, stealth, and songs are the three trees I haven't tried out yet. I'm starting to get the sense hybrid characters are quite strong in Sil though, since XP cost ramp up the more you pump into a single skill or skill tree.

Wrt shadows, amulet of blessed realms only requires jeweller and enchantment, so that's another good route to go. You're right I end up eating lembas anyways. Probably I'll just start running from them more frequently from now on in general.

Edit: Been playing smithing builds lately where I start with 13 smithing (so I can craft a +2 ring of evasion, a +2 ring of accuracy, and a +0 amulet of blessed realm on my very first forge). Even found a mithril helmet of terror in my most recent game that I then smelt down into an early faenorian lamp. Died to werewolves since I didn't have rPois and eventually ran out of !slow poison, so I'll pump more will next game. Most of the difficulty in this build, I've found, is early on (50 - 200 feet), before my melee skills take off and I find that first forge. But the nice thing is, my troubles with whispering shadows are a thing of the past. I get lorekeeper on a helmet for my second forge, and just ignore the rest of the forges (to save turns and because I don't have much else that's worth crafting). I think the early investment in smithing's worth it though, considering how much those rings and amulets help in the mid game and how it saves me the experience needed to acquire loremaster and lorekeeper.

Tried the song build that Patashu suggested as well, but I've found that I don't really know how to utilize songs effectively yet. To make the most out of the experience investment, I grab song of slaying as well before trees. But the second I start singing, it feels like everything on the floor come to my location. Even with +4 or more slaying, I can't kill them all before they get to me. And there's no escape without say, a horn of blasting or exchange places skill so I just die then and there.

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