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How to deal w/Ibun at CL 22?

Hi guys, I'm playing an HT warrior power diving for 1550'. Dump is here. I'm generally following Pete Mack's advice about how to go deeper than 1000' without dithering about waiting for an FA item.

The gameplay is definitely faster than lolling around at 950' and in town hoping for FA from heaven! I met Khim and quaffed !Speed, shot him with a wand of slowness, and used that time to soften him up with crossbow bolts. I don't have any more !speed and a couple levels down I got caught by Ibun and some frost trolls. Meleeing him with Narthanc wasn't great, and eventually I used _Teleportation after he more than matched my potion heals.

Do I just need to find a better weapon than the 'thancs for him? Should I wait until I have a better weapon or a !Speed to try the same approach? Buff? (if so, with what?) My understanding is that CL doesn't really determine your character's power so much as the main attacks the character uses.
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How to deal with the Sons of Mim, roughly in order of preference:

* Don't
* Missile weapon + phase door
* Speed and melee

If you find a Wand of Drain Life, this wouldn't be an unreasonable use of it; unfortunately Mim and his kids all resist all the basic elements, so other attack items are not very useful (and ditto all attack spells you could plausibly be using here besides Orb of Draining).

As for power, for warriors it definitely comes primarily from your equipment and stats. Other classes unlock spells as they gain levels, which can contribute to their power, but the only equivalent benefit for warriors is getting pFear at clvl 30.

As for gear, the 'thancs are normally great weapons in the early game, but they're less good against enemies that resist their elements. You should find a replacement soon, hopefully.
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Originally Posted by vorondil View Post
Buff? (if so, with what?)
Chant, heroism, and berserk all increase your to-hit cumulatively. Use all three if you can. If you continue to play a diving style, and you can't control your urge to kill annoyances like Ibun, it might be worth carrying a spare weapon you don't mind getting disenchanted just for meleeing disenchanters.

At whatever point you are swimming in money, it is worth buying every bless, chant, hero etc in town. Assuming slots are tight, start using them immediately after you read ?recall. The durations accumulate. If you move at a fast pace, the buffs will stay in place for a significant amount of exploration. If you have free slots, save them until you need them, of course.

The better advice is not to fight monsters that heal themselves unless you are sure you can kill them.
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Don't feel bad if you have to leave a unique on a level. The next time you meet it will be deeper down with better chance for useful drops.
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Solid advice all around guys, thanks, I killed a couple of Numenorean uniques on a ?Deep Descent read from town. PowerDiver, I bought a fat stack of chant scrolls and read them out as the deep descent was charging up.
Now playing Abasorix, half-troll warrior in V-4.0.5.
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