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Experimenting with no-egos

In the thread it was suggested that it might be possible to win not merely without artifacts, but also without ego items. I was pretty skeptical of this, mostly because there are only 2 ring slots. I have looked at and experimented with this during the last month, and have decided that it may in fact be just barely possible. There are 2 important things I didn't previously realize that contribute to this: (1) With a 100% saving throw, you do not require a source of Free Action. All melee attacks and spells that paralyze allow a saving throw. You can still get paralyzed by traps, but it is possible to avoid that. (2) The speed boost from Mushrooms of Terror stacks with other temporary speed boosts. And while you can't melee while terrorized, you can still cast spells. This means you can get +19 speed with a +4 Amulet of Trickery, Haste Self, and Mushroom of Terror, which in turn means that you can find a big enough speed ring in finite time.

I believe that the character with the best chance is a Mage, due to the Resistance and Haste Self spells, and a High Elf due to their See Invisible ability, their high intrinsic stats, and the fact they can reach 100% saving throw. A Dwarf Priest might work if you could get some sort of Resistance, but I don't think the character is likely to be able to survive to be able to find an Amulet of Resistance at its normal depth, which means you need to find it (or MHDSM or PDSM) as an out-of-depth Great Item. Which of course is possible, but likely to require 100s of hours of play.

I have started running a character for real to see how it goes. The only source change (v3.1.2v2) I made was to have make_ego_item just return 0 immediately. I set birth_no_artifacts, and will choose not to use the ammo branding spell in Tensors. Wish me luck.
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