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The Ring is Mine/Destroy It!

So, as I said in the report after what is so far the only game I have won, I got the One Ring on that occasion, but decided that before using it, I would first drop it into lava in a long corridor where there wasn't room for it to be displaced to somewhere else. The idea was to ceremonially attempt to destroy it before I gave in and took it for myself. Since then, I am pretty sure I have made an artifact disappear by dropping it into magma, so I suppose it is possible to destroy the One after all.

All this has been brought to a crux by my finding the One Ring again. I am not, so far as I know, a person with insane luck, to find the One Ring twice in less than 18 months; I mentioned here that I have been scumming levels 97-99 for a long time now, hoping to find certain (to me) legendary items. In that time, I have only found two of them (the One Ring doesn't count, since I have found it before), and have built up a ridiculous store of consumables for the Morgoth fight, and I confess I am getting tired of waiting.

Anyway, I have the Ring, and I have my hallway of lava, so I put it to you: should I attempt to destroy the One Ring by casting it into the fiery chasm from whence it came, a thing which I am not aware has ever been done on Angband before, or should I give myself a break, and have fun with the One Ring, and find out what 'bizarre things' are? A note; please don't tell me what the bizarre things are. I am not planning on another such run of endless scumming the depths in anything like the near future, so I don't know how long it will be before I ever find the Precious again.
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destroying artifacts, one ring

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