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Comments on the new paladin

So just fought Morgoth with the new paladin. Ended up losing because I didn't test Single Combat before the final fight, some comments on the new spells to follow. Overall I like the design: it's a simple/straight forward class & 3 books are nice for a basic warrior-style paladin. I think there's room in book 3 for a spear of light at the start but don't feel that strongly about it. However somethings I don't like.

Minor Heal - I like that this scales up. However healing around 300hps for 4 sps in the endgame is clearly broken.

Enchant Weapon/Enchant Armour - didn't find much use for them. How many enchant weapon/armour scrolls in a game? How often do they fail because you've already enchanted them as far as they're likely to go? Not useless, I certainly could of upped the to-hit on the pick, but enchant weapon otherwise isn't much use outside using a shooter.

Single Combat - Seems bad design & is possibly broken. It looks like you can phase within that small cell. You can't & lose a turn. When you "dodge" an earthquake it probably calls the teleport code, every earthquake crushed me despite having free squares. Mostly my biggest problem is the spell is super boring. Go in with excess consumables = wins. Go in with not enough = lose. Interesting tactical options = 0. I had the resources to slam Morgoth otherwise, but instead I just died with no options. If I had built to be OP it would of been magic win button. In what way is this fun?

Edit: It occurs to me that by endgame Minor Heal actually heals more then the Heal spell for a paladin

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I've been away from *bands for a while - where can I find some info on these new Paladins? Was just thinking about grabbing the latest version and going for a dive.
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They're in the master branch, which is on the nightlies page. Best info acquired from playing
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That was the response I expected, and certainly intend to do so!

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Oh boy - new classes too! I guess I haven't played in a while, never seen Druids, Necromancers, or Blackguards in Vanilla.

Something tells me this will keep me busy for a while ... thanks team!
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