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Originally Posted by grodrigues View Post
I'm on Arch Linux, but playing with the windows version via Wine; there is no package either at the official repos or in the AUR so this saves me the hassle of having to hunt down dependencies and compile, especially so since I want tiles as the curses UI is just a soup letter to my untrained eyes.

Anyway, here is a (minor) annoyance. I symlink my pref files to keep things centralized and easy to back up. What happens with the mogaminator pref files, and only those, is that Frog loads them correctly at the start of the game (e.g. I have been playing necromancers lately, so it loads pickpref-necromancer.prf) but then saves it with the character name (e.g. something like pickpref-Fauglin.prf) and presumably, since the pref with the char name is what loads last, it is that one that wins. If I then synmlink to the original class file but with the character name, then all is fine and dandy again. Is it possible to correct this behavior, e.g. not resave the class pref file with the character name? I do not know if this is a weird clash with Wine, but it is an annoyance.
i think i will follow your path and do the same :P at least to try it, also i will try xD
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Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
Difference between US and British English. The game isn't particularly picky about which variety of English it uses, in a few places it even tries to improve on them all
And here I thought Bringlish usually added letters, not removed them
Thanks for the info.
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Originally Posted by Sideways View Post
Maybe I'm missing something; but this feels like a situation where, for the overwhelming majority of the time, the current behavior is desirable; and I am not even entirely sure what change you would like to see.
Without any knowledge of the internals, my answer is: save the pickpref that is loaded, e.g. if it loads the class pickpref save that, if the race pickpref save that, etc. But this is but a minor annoyance, I can work around it.

- I am assuming that Frog only loads the first pickpref file it finds in the search order, contrary to say macro files, as there is no "obvious" way to merge different pickpref files.
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