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Final Battle Strategies in PCB/CPB/FCB

For a mostly melee character in PCB/CPB/FCB, what are some good strategies for separating the Serpent from a horde of summoned high level uniques long enough to duke it out with "J" one on one? Many of them are resistant to being banished, teleported away, or mass genocided. Destruction only has the desired effect if you can separate the serpent from his gang. Morgoth is particularly bad about making a beeline for wherever I teleport to, and arrives just behind the serpent each time, with Vecna, Cthulhu, the Mitgard Serpent, and others close behind. What works for you?
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Concerning FCB:

Destruction is how I roll, since genocide and mass genocide take up valuable destruction slots. I tend to prioritize the really dangerous ones (The Destroyer, etc.), and if I can separate the Serpent from less dangerous ones, just take them out individually. One benefit to being a melee-type is that dispatching uniques doesn't take that long.

Endgame is my justification for stockpiling potions of restore mana on pure fighters. With enough device skill and a few staves you should be ready for anything. The charge draining is annoying, but not fatally so. Morgoth might be trickier than average to separate from J, but I understand that he'll never show up to the fight in FCB (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Other than that, you really just need some healing staves to conserve potions, a stack of teleportation scrolls, and (if you care) enough free inventory slots for all that sweet loot.
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Teleport. Not much is as fast as the J and he will chew stright through the level for you, so you can separate your foes by drawing them out and then reposition yourself with teleport to deal with them in sizeable chunks.

Just phasing in a destructed zone can give you a couple of turns to solve porblems.
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