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Odd question. I installed MinGW and compiled the latest version of the source as of this writing. --enable-win et all.

And it's... doing ok, except when I maximize the screen, the screen is limited to like 20 characters across. It fills the screen as normal up and down.

When I don't use maximize and just drag the screen, it's fine until... I think when it hits 1080p (my monitor is 1440p) when it does:

Ninja Edit:

After a bit of fiddling and a day of playing, I set the font to size 12 and extended the size of the "tiles" slightly, this resolved it.


Igor thoughts:

* To remove items from your ice bag, you (t)ake them out and hit \ to switch to ice bag.
* I don't quite get what determines what causes body parts to successfully pop out of the corpse. Sounds like Dex?
* So far, no body parts have been useful at all, but it's very early.
* Looking through the source, I can't quite make heads or tails about what body parts get what and how.

Blue Mage thoughts:

* You start with a wand of magic missile and no spells. Makes sense, but I'd almost rather see you start with magic m...
* ... Can you shoot yourself with the wand to learn magic missile? (No)
* First spell I always go for is running straight to the bandit cave and hoping for something to shoot me or hit me with magic missile. A nice single target spell.
* When I think Blue Mages, I think Scimitar or Long Sword for some reason. FF5 had them using swords IIRC, FFXI had them as a more arabic theme, so scimitars. FF14 has them using rods, though.
* Shoot (arrows) are ok, but Magic Missile seems to do more damage.
* Swamps have Stinking Cloud, which is a great aoe
* Dark Nagas have a ton of spells.

Igor + Blue Mage feels very very weak, although I'm not very used to mages, tbh. More than once I've been one shotted. Will keep trying. Since dying during the tavern quest is pretty easy, I have taken to just going straight to Bandit floor 1 and looking for something to learn magic missile or shoot from.

I see you can now do a random Chaos Patron... is there a rhyme or reason to them? I know in zangband they had spoily differences...:

I see a lot using Narjhan, for example. I've been going Slannesh, because, well, Slannesh. (Kinda wish quick-create selected the last Chaos Patron you selected, so you could just hit enter past that.)

Maybe enable shift-letter on the chaos patron screen?

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