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This is where I always die... (Gnome Mage)

I'm trying to get the hang of playing Gnome Mage. It feels like I have the early game smooth now - I manage to dive pretty rapidly to 2000', picking up bits and pieces of eq and a few stat potions, focussing on stealth, choosing easy or high-value targets, detecting constantly and paranoidly. I normally hit level 30 around 2000'.

Looking at my history it's clear - my last four mages all died at clvl 30-33 at a depth of 2000'-2200'. Here is my latest attempt (not dead yet!):

It's hard to spot much of a pattern in my deaths but they are generally a combination of letting the situation get out of control (too many enemies) plus a high single damage attack (breath or cause wounds) taking out too much of my very small HP pool. What do you think I'm doing wrong? Do I need to stick around 2000' until I find some serious CON boost equipment to get my HP up? In fact just before I took that char dump I was at CON 12; I got lucky with a couple of Strength potions which gave me the confidence to quaff the five potions of Toughness I'd been saving - but even with 18/19 CON I don't have 200HP yet.

My only winners were with Half-Troll warrior and Dunadan paladin where HPs came very quickly once I got to stat gain levels.

Any advice gratefully received...
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