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The Shimmering Mold incident

Playing the current FayAngband competition. Arrived on 2900 and ESP showed the Third True Horror accompanied by 10 unspeakables as an escort. Those are basicly great wyrm class. There was an upstair in the room to the south west,one of those rooms that have an inner hall with a single cell enclosed in the center. I considered escaping immediatly but my pride got me when exactly one unspeakable one woke up. I figured I should have enough hp to take on one hasted. Had to teleport a summon once, but in the end not too much trouble for getting 8 good objects.

4 unspeakable ones later, still nothing of value found but things are going well so I start to get careless and without detecting it, the time vortex hits me several times before I even see what's happening. Suddenly with stats basicly halfed I'm down to 500 life, 80 mana -tele_other almost empty and the spell with a 32% fail chance. I have !res_dex but nothing else and so begins the journey to that elusive up stairs down in the south west, a path that for some reason is filled with Horrors that some idiot had to flingshot all over the place. Took me all my charges, all my mana mushrooms and two of my speed potions to get there. After having to escape twice my third attempt finally took me close to the exit with only one greater horror incoming, and exactly enough mana for one tp_other. If it fails I figure, I'll just phase door inside and run for it.

The spell works and with a victory cry I rush to the stairs. I even remember to cast trap avoidance. At that point however, another one of those unspeakable ones enters the room. It is more than twice my speed and I have no way to remove it, so I try to outrun it for the stairs. I open the door and it catches up and causes wound the same turn. If I run to the stairs it will get 2 maybe 3 hits in but it's my best chance. I walk onto the open door... It walks and I save against the wounding curse. Then the mold wakes up.

Hidden from ESP, the most ugly shimmering mold ever was sitting on the stairs. Now it is teleport_self or melee. I'm still at 3 blows but it resists my lightning brand. With the save last turn I should be fine if it dies in one round. I attack, it doesn't die. The horror does a melee round, then summons two more of its kind. Not sure if summons start with full energy but I eat another curse and a melee attack before it's my turn again. Down to 130 hp, the mold still alive, now it is tele_self or get killed.

The scroll teleports me to the very center of the map, with luckily no horror close enough to be in range so I can regenerate my mana.There is no way I can make it back to the upstairs in this condition, but I haven't seen any other stairs yet. Apart from a little part in the east the level is completely mapped. But there has to be a downstairs somewhere... right? I make my way to the right, successfully teleport two more unspeakable ones away then map the level to find the stairs, blocked by a 12 headed hydra and medusa.

I teleport the hydra, medusa summons a group of nagas, I hide behind a corner, kill the nagas then teleport medusa. In the remains of the naga: A mushroom of res_str and mixed blessing potions for both consitution and wisdom. The way to the stairs is clear, but my fighting stats are all back up, I still have 5 potions of speed and there is a plant somewhere on the other side of the level that i REALLY want to kill.

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Hidden from ESP, the most ugly shimmering mold ever was sitting on the stairs.
That's unspeakable! Wait, I'm confused.
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Great stuff, keep it coming.
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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
Great stuff, keep it coming.
Yes! I think this was the most rivetting report I've read :-)
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I nominate this post for the Spirit of Angband award, bestowed irregularly upon those whose posts dramatically illustrate why we keep playing this game.

And how, too often, we kill us.
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Nice post! I could actually feel your fear of getting killed.
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