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YAWP gnome mage

I've extended my race experiments (you mean there are races other than high elf? :P) to gnome with my go-to class of mage and produced another (by the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin) winner. Mistake in final fight (and really, there should be none, what was I thinking?) of not TO/healing after Morgoth broke the rune of protection: so one melee round of damage, and then when re-setting the ROP he hits with mana storm. Oops. 14 HP left, RNG was kind to me.

This was probably my fastest in elapsed world time win, about 1 week. I didn't try to optimize turn count, but 155K is not too bad I guess (1/3 resting, I like my mages to be "full up" all the time). Low CON most of the game (in fact it was not even maxed in the final fight) made me avoid any breathers where I didn't have double resist.

dungeon spellbooks came late it felt, and it took FOREVER to get Kelek's. Only dove to 98 after finding so much CON equipment and loading up on it that I made it to 18/200+.

Found Ringil and Cubragol both, but neither are stat boosting, so I needed stat rings in final fight in order to get nether and dark covered (is dark needed in fact? Does a darkness storm get reduced by res dark? I noticed the current comp winning player didn't have r. dark).

Really liking rune of protection but when not meleeing maybe it's pointless, and should just fight in an open area instead.

Gnome mage is brutal with attack wants/rods, used them in most fights first. Got a nice stack of drain life but never found many annihilation.

Got sort of bored taking so long to find Kelek's that I decided to head in to final fight at clev 47, with many uniques left, soon after finding Kelek's.

Gnome's innate FA seems like the least useful character trait since so many artifacts and ego items have FA. Identify wands is not so great for a mage but may be better for other classes?

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