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RST help files

(well, this time I decided to open a new thread instead of keep on going OT on this old one)

There is still some minor work to be done, but I think I have an usable version of the RST online help. Apart from the converted help files, there is:
-"make manual.html" and "make manual.pdf" that create HTML and PDF version
-the online help viewer skips "RST directives" (only when they are one-liners, for now, though)
-some modifications to files.c to parse menu and link targets directly from (a very limited subset of) RST.

What still needs to be done:
1. beautify the output: a better CSS and LaTeX preamble, maybe a couple of images.
2. instruct the online help viewer to render a couple of RST constructs in a more readable version (namely, |something| and "\ ", "\\").
3. skip RST directives as whole paragraphs.
4. there's a couple of warnings, that I think are due to outdated information in the docs (do we still have view_special_light and view_granite_light?). I could easily remove them, but I'd like someone to confirm me that they can go.
5. how can I get "make clean" to work properly, without mkmk complaining? The previous help files managed, but I can't understand what did the trick in the Makefile.
6. pressing ? at the right moment during character creation should lead directly to the classes and races description, but this doesn't work in the master branch either -- can you confirm that?
7. at some point, a weird bug in my editor removed some lower-case "s" letters at word start (e.g.: similar -> imilar). I think I have now fixed all the damage, but if you're skimming through the help files please keep your eyes open for words (not) beginning with "s".

The help file branch is online at After we fix items 4 and 5 (I need a quick consult for that), probably I can issue a pull request. Items 1, 2, 3 and 6 can be a later goal (there is no obvious regression).
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