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Wish I had a spare hunk of meat

So I am playing my umpteenth vampire mindcrafter in Z240. I feel I am off to a good start because I have 17 xp already and, surprisingly, my guy is still alive (albeit still clevel 1). Feeling brave (and hoping for a wand of MM) I descend the stairs to level 2. I arrive in a good sized, well lit room. Nice. I see there are three white 'C' in the room with me. I was hoping for a wand but Jackals would be ok too. Then I remembered that Jackals are tan not white. Who are the White C's? So I look over and it is Grip, Fang, and Wolf. I got all three of Maggots dogs in the same room.

I promptly fled.
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Git in there, son!

Roll over boys, now play dead!
Being a Ninja means never having to say you're sorry.
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