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Keymaps in "l"ook mode, and Dimension Door

It looks like keymaps are not recognized in "look" ("l") mode, am I right? Or am I missing a way to do this?

My goal was to simplify the mage spell Dimension Door a little (which, by the way, is an awesome spell). I wanted to do "l", mouse click a space, and then use a keymap for "5m4e5". Doesn't seem to work though; I still need to type the leading 5 manually to set the target.

More generally -- is there a more efficient keymap approach to Dimension Door that people like?
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Pete Mack
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No, it won't work. You would need to use a macro, which were removed from Vanilla some time ago.
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The general idea is that keymaps are only active when the game is expecting a command. This is a measure to minimize unintentional screw-ups: the same keys may have a *totally* different meaning if you are in the middle of another command. Something like this: that "1" key inside your macro that was supposed to select a scroll to read now means "move down-left". The dragon breathes, you die. Oops.

There used to be another variant of keymaps that was always active, macros, but they have been removed because they were another layer of complexity that was useful only in very special cases.
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As an example of what can go wrong I regularly genocided molds in PCB because Z was macroed to cast a spell.
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That's pretty funny, wobbly. Also rip molds.
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