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Angband melee calculations spreadsheet

I made this for my own nefarious purposes, and figure I might as well share it in case anyone else finds it useful.

It’s a spreadsheet that lets you configure class, weapon, target AC, etc, and gives you a display of how much damage per round a character does at various str/dex combos. (Also a lot of the intermediate values, like number of blows.)

You can change a number of the game constants (fairly easily) and see how that affects things. With a bit more work, you can change the formulas as well, and see how your changes propagate.

It’s an Apple Numbers spreadsheet. There’s an Excel version, but I can’t guarantee it works.

To answer the most obvious questions:

Why’d you make this?

As stated above: Nefarious Purposes.

I added a class/weapon, but I can’t pick it

You have to hand-populate the menu as well, and make sure the name matches.

The in-game numbers don’t match

It could be an error in the sheet, or an artifact of the Angband code using integer math, which truncates decimals, so the spreadsheet will be close, but not identical. (For instance, monster AC in the to-hit calculation is multiplied by 2/3. At AC 1, that’s 0 in Angband, and .6666 in the spreadsheet.)

I figured it was close enough for anyone mucking around in the guts of the combat mechanics, and trying to force a spreadsheet to do integer math is way more effort than I want to put in. (I am not a spreadsheet person.)

What’s with the last line in the critical table?

I had to fake something unachievable to make the calculations work

What’s with the next-to-last line in the critical table?

Only Grond gets those crits in Angband.

The to-hit calculations are weird

Yes. Yes they are.

Are you going to add ranged weapons?


What’s the monster AC table on the other sheet used for?

Nothing besides the chart.
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