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An analysis of healing in Angband


I've put an analysis of healing in Angband up on my blog here

For those of you who don't want to go to the link or can't be bothered reading
the long article, here's a summary of my recommendations:

* Eliminate potions/staffs of cure light wounds and cure serious wounds.
* Replace *Healing* with Restore Health, which cures 100% of the players hit
points, but does not restore any status effects (cuts, stun, confusion, etc.).
However make Restore Health appear earlier in the dungeon (between Healing and
Cure Critical Wounds). Tone down Healing side effects to curing cuts, stun and
poison only.
* Make Heroism and Berserk Strength restore at minimum a % of hit points
(20% for Heroism, 30% for Berserk Strength).
* Make potions of Life, when used when the character is at maximum hit
points, reroll the character's life total, and use the new values, if they are
higher than the current character's life total.
* Add a potion of Regeneration, which appears at the same depth as cure
light wounds, but makes the character recovery health and mana and from cuts,
stun and posion rapidly for a short period of time (and cure light wound
* Add potions of Free Action and Resist Confusion/Hallucination.

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