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Post Extolling Virtues

There was a bit of wondering going on a little while ago as to what affects virtues and what effects virtues have in the various Henglikes (Composband and FrogComposband being the most recent ones, with the latter being actively maintained), so I decided to make a topic in the pursuit of trying to shed a little light on the subject.


Q: What are virtues?

A: Virtues are a list of optional . . . shall we say, conducts, for a given character to follow. They're opaque in terms of what effect having a high or low score for a given virtue has, though the game is at least kind enough to give you an indication when something you've done has had a positive or negative effect on one of your character's virtues.

Q: How do I get them?

A: Every character is given eight virtues, assuming you set the birth option to have virtues active. Some virtues are guaranteed; most of, if not all, races have a particular virtue tied to them. The same goes for classes as well as magic realms. If you get the same virtue multiple times from your race/class/realm combo, duplicates of it are eliminated from your virtue list. If after all that you have less than eight virtues, you randomly get some virtues from a predefined set until you have eight, still eliminating duplicate virtues.

Q: What is the range of values for a virtue score to be?

A: Virtues can be a value from -125 to +125.

Q: How do you affect your score for a virtue?

A: Each virtue has its own things that it's affected by; hasting your character, for instance, negatively affects your Patience, while successfully [T]unneling a square positively affects your Diligence. Also, it becomes more difficult to affect a virtue the farther away from neutral (+0) it gets; to modify a virtue beyond an absolute value of 50, you need to pass a 1 in 2 check; there are additional 1 in 2 checks to go beyond absolute values of 80 and 100 as well (to wit: you must pass a 1 in 2 check to modify a virtue beyond -/+50, a 1 in 4 check beyond -/+80, and a 1 in 8 check beyond -/+100).

Q: What do virtues affect?

A: Most of (but not all) of the virtues on their own have their own effect; Temperance, depending on whether its score is in the positive or negative, will make you grow hungry either slower or faster (off the top of my head, roughly -/+ 33%). Additionally, most virtues affect your alignment, which has its own effects (generally, making specific types of monsters friendly to you and either raising or lowering your failrates for certain magic realms, depending on your alignment and the realm in question).

Q: What game are you using as a basis for this?

A: I'm basing everything in this topic off of FrogComposband; each post dedicated to a particular virtue, at the time of its posting, will be based off the FrogComposband master branch on GitHub.
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