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Complete N00b's Journey: The Series

Complete N00b's Journey: Prologue

Hello everybody. This is a n00b who is here in my second roguelike tour of duty after I gave up on Elona due to the difficulty understanding the mechanics as well as the inability to deal with its stupid thirst mechanic. Some of you may remember me from when I visited Angband in my first tour of duty. After getting owned by the cruelty of Iter Vehemens ad Necem (IVAN), the community there recommended that I play this free game. Below is my roguelike resume:

Outstanding Nethack experience: Managed to ascend every role at least once in 3.4.3, and still have an excellent playing record in the 3.6 versions.

Exceeds Expectations ADOM experience: Achieved several ultra endings back when it was free and before Steam came into the scene. Haven't played the Steam version due to pricing though.

Exceeds Expectations DoomRL experience: Fully won the game several times, but only up to the Ultra-Violence Difficulty (I like being able to save my games, thank you very much, so hard pass to Nightmare) and even managed to obtain two Diamond Medals from my efforts there.

Acceptable Angband experience: Killed Morgoth after 5 attempts (all 5 characters of which were generated with random states rather than a point-based roller).

Acceptable ZAP'M experience: Won a couple of games, but I got bored of that real fast.

Acceptable Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup experience: Escaped with the Orb in a 3-rune game as a Demigod Fighter after 4 attempts with randomly generated characters.

Acceptable Brogue experience: Escaped with the Amulet of Yendor once after 10 tries.

Acceptable Rogue experience: The deepest I got was level 16 I think.

Poor experience with PRIME: Haven't made it into the robot town.

Poor experience with Elona+: The farthest I made it was in Act 1 to Lesimas: 30 after four tries in Loss mode.

Poor experience with IVAN: The farthest I ever made was the first level of the Gloomy Caves after four tries.

So now I am delving deep into (Vanilla) Sil 1.3, under a series titled "Complete N00b's Journey" where I create a character at random, and hope for the best, because that is just what I do and random generation is my thing. In this series, the number before the hyphen will signify the attempt that I am playing, and the number after the hyphen signifies the goal that I have completed. The first goal that all characters will focus on is to get to the 250’ depth. Something new that I am trying for games in this second tour of duty is that I will only be making four attempts per game, as I feel that is a sufficient number of tries to see a game’s capabilities. This series will continue until I either get a Silmaril and escape Angband, or die four times. If the latter happens, I will be giving my overall impression of this game and be thanking anyone who has helped me in these four runs.

My questions before I begin this game:

I played the tutorial a couple of times, and managed to reach the downstairs after some clever retreating techniques with the fire-drake (after getting killed three times by the fire-drake and its cronies). So my impression is that the overall game strategy lies heavily in the “don’t kill everything you see” camp, similar to what the optimal approach was in Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup. With that being said, is the approach to dive aggressively to 950’ or some other deep level to get equipment, experience, and other benefits more quickly? Or should you linger in the shallow levels to play it safe?

On another note, what are the different ways to get a Silmaril from Morgoth’s crown? I know that you can either go the extra mile and kill Morgoth, put him to sleep and have the crown drop, but what are the other ways to accomplish your goal once you reach the throne room?

Is there a skill that almost every character needs to get in order to survive? I have heard a lot about Loremaster, but will taking that skill (or any other necessary one) prohibit me from committing to any builds to the required level to survive?

How much experience points should be committed to the eight skill attributes, and how many points should go to skills? I heard that achieving 8 (base) in evasion and melee scores should be a top priority in most builds before looking at abilities, but I’m curious on what the overall consensus is from the veterans here. On that note, should all of the 5,000 starting experience points go to improving the character right away, or is a lot of it best spent when you finish a certain depth?

Is the rest command (‘Shift + 5’) reliable? Or does it often lead to more trouble than it’s worth?

How plentiful is food in this game? For games like Brogue, food management was very important due to the relative scarcity, while in other games like Nethack or ADOM, food soon became a non-issue after the first levels of gameplay.

Since there will be sticky curses, there will obviously be a tad more caution when equipping weapons and armor. Which pieces of weapons and armor should I look for in the early game? And do you equip these items as soon as you get them and take a risk knowing that they are cursed, or wait until you have an uncursing method? On that note, are lots of early equipment cursed in general?

Which types of consumables is a good class to use-id, and when?

Is smithing something that most characters pursue at some point, or is it only for dedicated builds like it was for ADOM?

Any other tips are appreciated!
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