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I've been trying to think of ways to streamline the UI to make some changes to the angdroid port to be able to play Sil on the go.
  • Rework the pop-up keyboard to prioritize the _most_ common commands instead of a normal keyboard
  • Instead of tap, use a 'fling' motion (draw a line with your finger) like Aaron Steed's Ending for movement for more reliably precise 8-way movement
  • Have the long-press menu show less common commands, like t, r, u, s, @, E, etc.
  • Etc?

I got the angdroid variants code to compile, and I might try to prototype some of these. But not sure how much time I'd actually get to work on it.

It'd be awesome if Sil was playable on a tablet, for real instead of just in-theory.

I've started trying to play on PC without any subwindows, to simulate the one-screen experience a la tablets.

One minor easy thing I noticed tonight was, in any inventory related command, it offers:
"Inven: e-j, * to see, ESC) Wear/Wield which item?"
Shouldn't we just go straight to the full menu as if the user hit *? The valid inputs before and after are identical except hitting * lets you know what you're doing, and we can save one meaningless keystroke which'd be annoying at best on other devices.

Probably the inventory screen and 'l'ook command should show the weight of things on the floor. Seems like playing with one screen I have to actually pick up items to see their weight?

The inventory list in the main screen should reuse the subwindow logic so that it shows glowing special weapons.

Try to accept Enter OR Esc wherever possible and makes sense, since ESC is a distinct key and at least on angroid is hidden behind a different 'key-sheet' let's call it

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Instead of tap, use a 'fling' motion (draw a line with your finger) like Aaron Steed's Ending for movement for more reliably precise 8-way movement
I have Ending for the iOS, and about 1% of the time the flinging input will make the wrong motion. I don't know if it's me, the program or the paradigm that's to blame.
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