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Pete Mack
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You will immediately lose 2 of those slots to !rFire and !rCold. Dragons are much nastier, and double resist isn't optional. No spells means the potions are the only option.
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Sigh. I stopped at DL 28 last night which is still relatively shallow so I've only seen only baby dragons so far. I think your trying to scare me about what I'm about to start running into as I reach the middle depths. :-P
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One note to the "Recharging is too good" point.
In my opinion now iFire is even more powerful for caster/ranged types.
Staves are not destroyed when recharged, iFire protects them (and recharge scrolls) from breathers... i had a necro running with Firestar from DL38 and changed it only for the Morgoth fight. One staff of the magi/healing/banishment served me basically through the whole dungeon which just does not look good. And they were used quite often

There is another aspect of iFire: there are many monsters which do not step on lava. So if you happen to have a great hell wyrm breath on you turning some parts of a corridor into lava, you have a very convinient way of dealing with those monsters. I don't know the exact list, but great bile wyrms for example, i think Dwar, and if i recall correctly even Huan does not step on lava.
I don't know the exact mechanics but flyers could take less damage from lava + if the damage is less than x % of the monster's max HP (or actual HP) they should not stop.

(Side note: Played Angband in the middle 90's and picked it up again 5 years ago. I do not have much time to play but i like the 4.2.0 changes. Making the deep monsters more dangerous made classes with 0% infinite TO/Banishment more powerful at first look because I bet noone fights those new dragons and greater balrogs)
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YALP - Yet Another Longtime Player

YALP Checking in - I came back a few months ago after playing off-and-on since 2007 (so relatively less long-term than some!). I think I started on 3.8 or something... Been lurking here for roughly the same time span, of course.

I took a brief detour for a couple of years into Sil/Brogue/Infa Arcana territory, until last fall when I had the thought "Man, it would be cool if some roguelike had a good implementation of druids...". Stumbled on the 4.2.0 release page, and my free time has been downhill ever since.

Some of the advice on here about diving is finally starting to sink in, except that it's just SO tempting to explore vaults and chase down uniques...
Haven't tried many other classes yet in 4.2.0, but the variety of play that shapeshifting gives really has me sucked in. Big fan of the rune system, and improvements to traps/detection, and increases in difficulty. Running from wyrms and greater balrogs (and generally all greater-demon-summoners!) feels so much more right than trying to smash everything to bits (which is an impulse I still have to fight...).

Anyway, I'm enjoying the new version so much I finally feel like joining in on the forums, maybe even posting on the ladder... (this probably has more to do with my internal state as regards online communication than anything, tbh.) Thanks, Nick! Maintaining/refactoring is a hell of a lot of work on top of actually improving extant systems, and you've done an excellent job, in my opinion.
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