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A bit of luck

I used to play a fair bit of Angband, but haven't played in... must be close to ten years. A friend of mine has been playing a lot lately, and inspired me to revisit the game.

I started with a Dwarf Priest. I haven't played in a long time, and the game has changed some, so I played pretty conservatively down to around 1100'. Even playing conservatively I don't like to rest for mana much. I had a Warhammer of Acid with +3 to damage and it was starting to not do quite as much damage as I would have liked, but then I found an Amulet and some headgear of Wis, which about doubled my mana, letting me use Orb more, so I read Deep Descent which took me to 1400'. Went down pretty fast from there, found Paurhach at 1550'.

Killed Bolg at 1600'. He dropped a light crossbow and the Phial. I was happy to get the Phial, and was hoping the crossbow would be something decent that would do some damage to supplement Orb. Went to wear the Phial, noticed a brown artifact in my inventory, thought "that's odd, I thought I had worn Paurhach." Flipped to equipment, yep, wearing Paurhach. Flipped back to inventory and: "oh, Cubragol." Had to look at it twice as it took a moment to register.

Not, I think, the most ridiculous early find I've ever had, but for my first game in a long time quite nice. Now I just have to remember to remember that you can still die at +10 speed.
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