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Mushroom changes patch

I made some changes to mushrooms for fun, anyone want to test or mess around?

Added a new one, and changed some existing mushrooms:

1. Added Mushroom of Weal and Woe, randomly increments or decrements each stat permanently. So at best its an !aug, at worst it's a !ruin.

2. Clear mind and debility merged, no longer drains stats. So now it's useful for warriors, a little anyway.

3. Second sight has longer telepathy, and also acts as an !enlight

4. Fast recovery acts like !heal

5. Stoneskin no longer reduces speed by 5, and now gives temp resist to elec and shards.

6. Turbulence has been implemented, and allows you to fire a gravity beam for 150 points of damage.

7. Emergency is now truly for emergencies. It gives resistance to fire, cold, elec, acid, poison, and confusion for a short time. Cures confusion, blindness, cuts, poison, and hallucinations. Heals you for 200. A short time after all these effects wear off, you are knocked out. (Stun counter set to 200)



There are some more changes I wanted to make, but I figured I'd post my WIP.
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