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Will we get rid of the 32 bit flag variables?

Here is another old rant of mine (from the same post as the one about indentation). Any news? I know it's not so essential for V, because it does not expand (so much), but since V is a base for variants...

One more question --- was there any attempt to rewrite the ugly multiple 32 bit flag variables (bitfields) into some decent scheme, like packed bit arrays or even byte arrays or linked lists of flags, etc.? I mean, any attempt other than the new TOME engine. If not, why is it not the first priority of the V maintainer? (I know one answer --- because V does not need more

Edit: I've found two implementations of bit vectors license-compatible with Angband: publib and libbit-vector-perl (which is a C library under the hood, despite the name). I guess linked lists would be much more efficient and understandable, but bit vectors will induce the least code changes (in particular, no problems with serialization).

Edit2: Here a relevant r.g.r.a thread:
Several years later and several variants later people still expand the number of TR1_, TR2_, TR3_, ... bitfields by hand over and over again. BTW, one of the advocates of bit vectors in this thread was the current V mainanter, so there is still hope...
P.S. I have no clue which licence or which maintainer I had in mind...
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