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Where has my picking up query gone?


I just downloaded and installed 3.0.9, and when starting to play (importing my old savefile), it automatically picked up items from the ground, no longer querying me Y/N whether I wanted to do so...

I looked through the options, and the always query option seems to have disappeared - is there a way to get the game to behave the old way? I couldn't figure out how to set options so that it did so.

(To be specific, in 3.0.6, I had:

Prompt for floor item selection: Yes
Prompt before picking things up: Yes
Pick things up by default: Yes

... and I can't figure out how to set the options in the new 3.0.9 to get similar behaviour.)

(The shop interface will take some getting used to as well - but that's more a matter of having to change key presses ingrained from years of playing rather than not being able to find the functionality that I want...)

I hope this isn't a frequently asked question - I tried some searches on the forums, but got hundred of hits, none of them relevant... clearly not trying the right searches.
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