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Djabanete is on a distinguished road
How do you play?

Here's how I play.

1) used to be Entroband, now Chengband. Vanilla Town mode.
2) no selling.
3) preserve off.
4) One visit to town per 10 dungeon levels. Don't bother clearing levels, just move on unless it's a strong level feeling.
5) No store scumming. If the town doesn't have it, buy 'em out or move on to the next 10 dungeon levels.
6) Random race, random class.
7) Mutter to myself constantly --- "Death is waiting for you around every corner. Death wants you. Death is waiting." Every time I forget this, I die.

It's rough! I haven't won this way yet. But I haven't played perfectly yet either. Maybe sometime I will.

How do you play? (And what version/variant?)
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1) Unangband
2) Selling on, money's first source in Un is that, and it's much needed.
3) preserve on. Un's specific again : greater vaults are near guaranteed at the end of the game, so artifact are too.
4) Clean EVERY level, in case there's a feature i haven't seen yet, or a funny looking room.
5) Store scumming at the end of the game, to get the consumables to do the greater vaults at the end.
6) Hobbit archers or shadow fairies archmages. More luck with the first
7) Always have my camera ready.
Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Sadly, every character ever created in Angband was given a magnifying glass by their eccentric uncle for their fifth birthday...

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fizzix is on a distinguished road
1) vanilla, usually with custom changes to gameplay that I'm testing*
2) disconnected stairs, (and no selling when the feature is available)
3) preserve on, randarts on
4) I used to level clear, and still do occasionally, but go faster nowadays.
5) mainly use town for basic consumables, buying unid'd stuff, and home storage
6) random race and class *except* when I want to playtest a specific gameplay change I've made.
7) detect monsters about 4 times more than necessary.

*current changes involve TO being a bolt and allowing monsters to save against destruction by being teleported instead of deleted.
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Xaxyx is on a distinguished road
1) Vanilla, eagerly awaiting the next major release.
2) Selling, until money becomes relatively pointless (see 5).
3) Randarts on, preserve on. Also, CHEAT MODE: Full Monster Knowledge. It's simply more convenient than having to refer to spoilers all of the time in order to know what can kill me instantly (see 7).
4) Generally dive hard until key danger levels, depending on kit. Stop to level clear only on superb feelings.
5) As little store scumming as possible (will scum when char is crippled, for example, for !Restore_Strength).
6) Race/class to suit my mood. Generally aim to maximize starting number of blows.
7) Play in spurts so as not to get slightly bored, and thus slightly distracted, and thus slightly dead.
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dos350 is on a distinguished road
1. vanilla 3.2
2. selling on, normal stairs
3. randarts on preserve on
4. extreme stair scumming
5. town scum when needed
6. i choose my race and class, usually high elf
7. usually play constantly til i get slain or dlvl 60+
8. avoid high end hounds completely, i mean all hounds that arent basic or shard!

i have won once since i started as a warrior in 3.12v2, i want to play faster, im trying a mage. eeee

Reality hits you -more-

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LostTemplar is on a distinguished road
1. FAangband
2,4,5. Ironman
3. N/A
6. Choose class and race I like, mostly HE warriors.
7. Kill anything I can for loot and exp, love clearing pits but ignore vaults.
About 90% of my inventory and equipment comes from monster drops, not from dungeon floor.
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Timo Pietilš
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1) Vanilla 3.2
2,3) usually standard options on: preserve on, maximize on, connected stairs (disconnected stairs is more challenging, but I find it too weird for my suspension of disbelief).
4) Mixture of diving and clearing. If there is a excellent level feeling, but no dungeon feature to explain it, look every item on the floor, pretty much skip boring levels.
5) No store scumming. No buyouts, just play until store has what I need or I find it at the dungeon. I miss discounts.
6) This and that. No rogues or paladins, because I find them boring. Mostly priests.
7) Detect every time I feel like it which is often enough that I am usually not yet found trap detection border. Less with ESP. Excessive use of mapping when possible.
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DaJAngband Maintainer
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1) DaJAngband (almost always)
2) no selling (almost always)
3) randarts sometimes on sometimes off as I feel like it. always connected stairs. never even consider touching preserve or maximize from the defaults.
4) Mixture of diving and clearing. If there is a excellent level feeling, but no dungeon feature to explain it, look every item on the floor, pretty much skip boring levels. (yes I copied and pasted but it's the same thing I do).
5) town scum when needed (which isn't often)
6) whatever race/class I'm in the mood for, sometimes random.
7) detect often when I can, but I don't use mapping much.
8) generally find it very hard to be consistently careful and then I die.
aka LibraryAdventurer

My old variant DaJAngband: (defunct and so old it's forked from Angband 3.1.0 -I think- but it's probably playable...)
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buzzkill is on a distinguished road
1) DaJAngband (mostly recently)
2) No selling if it's an option, but even in selling games I don't sell as much as I could.
3) I hardly ever rest for HP/SP recovery, and avoid using 'cheesy' tactics most of the time.
4) Randarts on, if I remember to turn them on. Always dis-connected stairs. If DCS is not an option (FA wilderness) or it's a birth option that I forget to set, then I try to always use a different stairway/passage than the one I arrived via.
5) Mixture of diving and partial exploration based on preliminary detections and level feelings (even if I know level feelings are mostly broken).
6) Never town scum, stair scum, save scum or use spoilers.
7) Always random character selection, always the standard roller
8) Detection and mapping as is prudent and available, but I'm not manic about it. detect treasure/items quite often.
9) I usually throw inferior characters against superior opponents looking for a moment of glory. it usually ends badly, however I do get my 'hero moment' every once in a while. "I'd rather die fighting, than win trampling."
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My banding life on Buzzkill's ladder.
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1. V mostly, with a little S for light relief.
2. Options get toggled manically for testing.
3. Wizard mode gets used a lot.

IMO the automatic point-buy stat generation that ajps did is the single best addition to the 3.x series.
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