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PosChengBand - Skill Proficiencies

Proficiencies, I haven't seen a place in the Help that documents them.
What I have observed is as follows;

- Unskilled -20 to hit that fades with practice to...
- Beginner +/- 0 to hit

- Unskilled is base mana cost that drops with practice to...
- Beginner is -20% mana cost but no other observed effects
- Skilled has no observed effect, at least in the first spell book so far, not yet got the most expensive spell to Skilled.

Are these documented someplace? Searching here and general google finds mentions of them, but no details.

Class skills, Ninja, Rogue, others?, don't seem to share the Skill system, so don't benefit from mana reduction, or improved to-Hit?

As well, there seems to be something going on with skills and non-Weapon proficiencies. Playing a Ninja and Dual-wielding daggers, and have a shortbow. Down to Stronghold L6, CLvl 8; The Daggers haven't advanced from their Beginner status, as well I have never seen any notice of Dual-wield skill increasing, Skill has been at 45.9% for a while..

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