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Originally Posted by Aszazin View Post
All ~bands I play require the NumLock to be off to be able to run with the shift-key and the numpad.
So I always turn NumLock off.

I guess it's not a big issue to turn NumLock off or on, isnt it?
Precisely why the opposite being true on throws so many off, perhaps.

We definitely lose wandering players who are just trying to make sense of the thing this way.
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Dean Anderson
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Fair enough. I've gone for the first option.
  • The cursors and numberpad without shift will always move you a single step, regardless of NumLock status.
  • The cursors and numberpad together with shift will make you run, providing that NumLock is off.
  • If NumLock is on, then shift is ignored (or, more properly, is not detected) so the cursors and numberpad together with shift makes you move a single step as if you had used the keys without shift.

That sounds like it's what people will expect from other Angband variants; and I've added it to the documentation so that people will know to turn NumLock off if they want to use the feature.

Personally, I never use shift to run so I'm happy with it either way.
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Dean Anderson
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I've pushed out 6.3 with the display change and the fix for shift-to-run. The announcement thread is here.
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