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Playing with new class titles for the game

It rather helps that the titles didn't change much from D&D 1e. >>;;; I also wanted to avoid using masculine titles for anyone (like me) who'd rather imagine the player-character to be female. As well as give the titles a little more jazz...with a little help from scouring the various class titles in Titan Quest, Grim Dawn, and ArcheAge. This is what I've come up with...

--Armsmaster (it's not like the class favors swords to begin with...)
--General (out of place?)

--Exponent (as in someone who expounds--in this case, ideas about magic)

--Scion (it means both "heir"--like heir to druidic teachings, hopefully--and "branch")
--Mystagogue (someone who teaches about mystical ideas)

--Diviner (mostly for the etymology)
--Templar (the original etymology/meaning is temple-er--someone who cares for a temple)
--Hierophant (one who teaches about rituals. Similar to "mystagogue", but I felt the mystic/sacred distinction merited a divide.)

NECROMANCER (Who doesn't do much divination with--actual necromancer--or weaponizing of--necrourge--the dead, oddly. Rename to Warlock?)
--Tombcaller (I know, I know, the previous parenthesis speaks otherwise...)
--Archon (with an eye to its use in Gnosticism. The archons--or rather, archontes theoi/ruling gods--were the animalistic and cruel true creators of the physical/hylic world, as opposed to the original, virtuous gods, the aeons of the Pleroma.)


--Varlet (should these first two be swapped?)

--Harbinger (same etymology as "harbor", actually; a scout specially tasked with finding lodging for other soldiers)
--Ranger Knight (I wish I had found a better alternative...)

--Black Knight
--Shadow Knight

Thoughts on whether they're good/justified for the game?
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