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For the 'Demon Monk', would it be better with 3 Awareness instead of the Sorcery? Kind of combining Loremaster with Telepathy?
Rods of Detect aren't all that rare.

How much mana does Clear mind return? The description implies it isn't much. Would !Clarity and such serve and free up the point?
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Demon magic has a telepathy spell, as does sorcery. Anyway a fair bit is arbitrary. You could move all the util from sorcery on devices & go device/speed/health. Athena has clear mind for free. You could take eat magic instead, though I think skillmasters get a weaker version.

Clear mind is not much yeah but if you get out of LOS it's ok. Last time I used it was nature though. With nature you can wall yourself in stone & clear at your leisure, so it may not be as good as I remember it being.
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